Poodle Club of America Rescue Foundation, Inc   

Important information for owners who need help with their Poodles

Poodle Club of America Rescue Foundation has groups and individuals all over the United States dedicated to helping Poodles of all sizes, ages and colors that find themselves in need of a new home.  While we do not claim that we can save or place every dog, we try very hard to save as many as we can.  At minimum, we can offer advice and guidance in a great many situations including geriatric dogs and sick dogs.

In this era of Facebook and instant messaging, people needing help with their dogs can find many options and opinions on what they can or should do with their dogs.  We believe that we are the best option for owners looking to re-home their dog and here is why:

1)      Each member organization of PCA Rescue has an application process that requires potential adopters to fulfill prior to adopting a dog.  We are highly skilled at reading through applications and sorting through potential adopters.

2)      No member organization of PCA Rescue ever ships dogs to adopters; adopters MUST come to the dog.  We believe that this is part of an adopter’s commitment to the dog.

3)      Each member organization of PCA Rescue is committed to the dog for its life once we are responsible for the dog.  If an adoption for a dog that we place were to fail for ANY reason, we will ALWAYS take the dog back.