Poodle Club of America Rescue Foundation, Inc   

Important Information for Adopters

So you want to adopt a Poodle?  Congratulations! 

The first step to take when hoping to adopt a Poodle from any of the Poodle Club of America Rescue members listed on this website, is to complete and return an adoption application.  Each group has their own application which they will send upon request.  It is important to completely fill out the application.  Incomplete applications may cause the application to go to the bottom of a pile for follow up in the future. The questions we ask on the application are there to help us make the best possible match for you and your family and Poodles needing homes.  

We often get inquiries from people wanting to adopt a Poodle of a specific age, color or sex.  The more criteria you place in your search for a rescued dog, the longer you may have to wait to find a dog that fills those criteria.  Adopting a rescued dog is a bit like searching for an antique; they are what they are when you find them. 

Potential adopters often ask if dogs in rescue are house-trained or if they have had any obedience training.   The short answer to this question is “no.”  The longer answer is that even if a dog was once upon a time perfectly house-trained, their circumstances have changed so totally, that everything the dog once knew or understood has changed and must be relearned.  House manners will usually return, but everyone – human and canine - will need to work on the process.  The same is true for any previous obedience training a dog may have had.