Poodle Club of America Rescue Foundation, Inc   

What is Poodle Rescue?

There may be a circumstance in which one of our breed is in need of a new owner to provide it with a loving home.  Hundreds of dedicated volunteers have formed local and regional rescue organizations that are devoted to placing these Poodles in such homes.  The Poodle Club of America Rescue Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to the rescue of its own breed.

The Importance of Breed Rescue

Dogs are not responsible for their own existence.  Dogs exist as a result of either human intervention (planned breeding) or human neglect (accidental breeding.) Many members of this rescue organization are Poodle breeders and feel very strongly that it is their responsibility to help save the lives of abandoned and unwanted Poodles whenever possible. Unfortunately, not everyone who breeds Poodles feels the same way, so PCARF steps in to pick up the pieces of other people's failures. While we respect the good work done by the many all-breed rescue organizations that exist, we believe that as Poodle breeders, we can best care for and find homes for our breed. Poodle Club of America Rescue Foundation's mission is to rescue and re-home our Poodles.

Why do Poodles end up in Rescue?

Some of these wonderful purebred dogs end up in rescue for legitimate reasons such as divorce, moving, or health of the owner. Others end up there due to neglect, abuse or abandonment. Whatever the reason, our goal is that each Poodle is placed in a home that will give it love, attention and companionship.


How does Poodle Rescue work?

Reputable rescue organizations spend time and money on the dogs taken into their programs. Rescued Poodles are given a veterinary exam, updated immunizations and are spayed or neutered. The dogs are screened for temperament issues. The dogs are often placed in foster homes for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to evaluate their health and temperament in order to make the best placement possible. Reputable rescue organizations always take back a dog they have placed if the arrangement does not work.


How do I adopt a Poodle through Poodle Rescue?

Adopting a Poodle isn’t just a simple case of going and picking out a dog and bringing it home. As part of the thorough screening process, the Rescue organization will ask you to complete an application which includes questions about your lifestyle and why you want a Poodle. They may even want to come to your home to check out the accommodations for your potential family member, such as a securely fenced yard. In almost every case, there will be an adoption fee for your rescued Poodle. Exceptions to adoption fees are sometimes made for senior or special needs Poodles.  The adoption fees help to defray the cost of veterinary care and other expenses.


Do these rescued Poodles adjust to a new home?

Rescue volunteers want to make sure you get the dog that best fits your lifestyle and that the dog gets the best home. The application process is a critical part of a dog's placement, as is an interview with the applicant.  In addition to this careful placement process, Poodles are gregarious by nature and therefore able to bond with multiple people. Most rescued Poodles adjust beautifully to new living arrangements.

Should I consider a male or a female?

Poodles that end up in rescue centers tend to be male and are usually over five years old.  Although many people seem to want to adopt female Poodles, males Poodles are just as smart, attentive, and as well behaved as the females.